6/17/16-2nd Street between the Sudwerk parking lot and north of Pena Drive:-Surface Water Pipeline Construction

Construction will be occurring in the following areas:
2nd Street between the Sudwerk parking lot and just north of Pena Drive:
•Construction has begun with saw cutting of thick asphalt along the south side of 2nd Street.

•On June 21, construction will occur at three water offsets on 2nd street just west of Cantrill Drive.  Water will be turned off on June 23 or 24.  Affected properties include 2525 and 2537 2nd Street and 625 Cantrill Drive.  If your water service will be affected, you will be given a 48 hour notice.  Water service is anticipated to be shut down for a maximum of one day.

•Pipe installation is anticipated to begin on June 24 and will conclude July 28.  The pipeline will then bore under I-80 and connect in South Davis at the intersection of Chiles Road and Cowell Blvd.

During construction on 2nd Street, expect traffic delays and lane shifts.  “No Parking” signage with dates and times of construction will be posted 48 hours in advance of the work.   These dates are approximate and subject to change, depending on weather and/or other project conditions. 

The City is committed to minimizing impacts and keeping you informed about the project.  Below are resources and additional information regarding the construction associated with the Water Quality Improvement Program.

Davis Water Quality Improvement Program Website:

To receive project alerts, sign up for:
-Nextdoor, a City partnered neighborhood communication tool that is designed to engage residents and enhance communication in neighborhoods – Nextdoor.com
-City Facebook page – Facebook.com/Cityofdavis
-City Twitter page – Twitter.com/Cityofdavis

A construction liaison contact has been established for general information:
Dan Lehman, 530-908-5055 (7am-6pm) or DanLehman@KennedyJenks.com

For more information, contact:  Stacey Winton, Media & Communications Officer
530-757-5661 swinton@cityofdavis.org

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