10/12/16-Surface Water Project Update - West Davis Water is Flowing !

The new surface water flow was turned on in West Davis today. It will take approximately two weeks for surface water to be fully distributed. Everyone in Davis is now connected to the new water system!!

At surface delivery startup, water may appear temporarily cloudy when it first comes from the tap as a result of air bubbles. However, should your household experience any brown water during the startup Phase, run the water at the hose bib at the front of the house for about 30 seconds at a high volume. This should clear the line from the water meter to the first valve. Once the water looks clear, turn off the hose and then run cold water in a bathtub at high volume. This should direct any remaining brown water out of the inside lines.

The new surface water is naturally softer than local groundwater. It will result in less wear and tear on water using appliances, and requires less soap/detergent for washing purposes. Once full integration of surface water occurs the typical hardness of water throughout the city, based on water quality modeling, will be between 60 and 120 mg/L or a maximum of 7 grains per gallon. The City is recommending residents bypass their water softener once surface water is fully integrated and see if the level of hardness is acceptable. If the preference of a resident is to keep a softener active, then at a minimum, the grains per gallon setting should be reduced to an appropriate level (no more than 7 gpg in most cases).

Please call Public Works Department at (530) 757-5686 during regular business hours (8-5, M-F) with any questions or concerns. After hours, or if unable to reach Public Works during normal business hours, call the non-emergency Police Dispatch number (530) 747-5400 and they will ensure your issue is addressed by Public Works staff.

Phase map and additional surface water information:

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