12/28/16-Water Main Flushing in South Davis

The City of Davis Public Works Department will be performing water main flushing in South Davis to complete the Davis Surface Water Supply Project. A portion of the area was completed in the fall and the remainder (Phases 9 & 10) will begin January 3, 2017.

Approximate boundaries for Phases 9 & 10 flushing:
•Chiles Road on the northern edge
•La Vida Way, Washoe Street, and Meadowbrook Drive on the eastern edge
•Cowell Blvd. and Valdora Street on the western edge
•Putah Creek on the southern edge

Short-term effects may include  slight pressure drops, air in the lines or discolored water. The discoloration is temporary and typically clears within a few hours. Flushed water does not pose a health/safety risk. It is recommended that residents check their water before use, especially prior to doing laundry, as laundry may become stained. If you notice any of these effects, we recommend running cold water for a short time to remove any loosened sediment in the pipeline, possibly saving the water for plants or other landscape needs. If your water does not clear, please call (530) 757-5686. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail PWWeb@CityofDavis.org

For more details on the flushing program visit:  http://cityofdavis.org/city-hall/public-works/water/water-quality-information/annual-water-main-flushing/2016-water-main-flushing

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